What Are Solar Panels and What Do They Do?

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, convert sunlight directly into electricity. These panels are made up of many solar cells, typically composed of silicon, which absorb photons from the sun and release electrons. This process creates a flow of electricity that can be used to power homes, businesses, and even feed […]

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Roofing Repair After the Storm

GMA Restoration : Roofing Repair After the Storm

As the winds swept through Texas, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, many families and businesses found themselves facing an unexpected challenge: storm damaged roofs. In the aftermath of the recent tornado, the need for reliable roofing repair services has never been more pressing. At GMA […]

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Tyler Texas Has Golf Ball Size Hail and a Tornado On February 11, 2024

Local Tyler Texas Roof Company Helps With Hail Damage Repair

In the wake of the recent devastating tornado that ripped through Tyler, Texas, causing widespread destruction and leaving roofs in shambles, homeowners are faced with a pressing need to safeguard their properties without delay. Amidst this challenging period, GMA Restoration emerges as the leading force in […]

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Is Your Roof Ready For Summer Weather?

As protective and durable as any roof may seem, roofing services find that there are different risks that come with the seasons depending on the region.

Summertime is one of the seasons that roofing companies find presents its fair share of risks and for reasons that many homeowners may not think of.

Homeowners looking to avoid having […]

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What Difference Does Gauge Make on a Metal Roof?

Available for installation by professional roof companies in many types, styles, and colors, metal is an attractive and efficient material to put on any home or building.

One variable that many customers interested in having a roof contractor do these installations may not initially consider is gauge.

Learn about metal gauges in this explanation to understand what roof services recommend most and how […]

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Roofers Explain the Anatomy of Roofs

The roof installed by professional roofers over the top of any home looks like a simple structure made of wood and shingles, metal, or other external materials.

Yet as uncomplicated as a roof may look from the outside, roofers know the truth that a roof is an entire structural system and not just a few parts.

To understand how roofing […]

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Which is the Better Choice – Synthetic or Felt Underlayment?

Underlayment is a critical roofing component that works with the top materials to create a breathable, yet watertight roof.

For more than a century, this roofing component was only made from felt in various thicknesses, the thicker and more protective, the better.

Today, roofing underlayment is also available in synthetic varieties.

This brief comparison should help homeowners in need of a new roof installation […]

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Leaky Roof Valleys – Is There Any Way to Prevent That?

Classic roofs with pitches and valleys are common and appealing in many styles of architecture; however, those valleys tend to be problem roofing areas when not properly protected against leaks.

When having a new roof installed, be sure to use roofers who will use the right materials and methods to protect these susceptible areas so they […]

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Don’t Let Those Beautiful Trees Destroy Your Roofing

Trees are beautiful and an important part of the landscape even in more urban areas; however, they can also be extremely damaging to roofs when not properly maintained.

Whether trees surround a home to create a picturesque setting or are planted in front of and around commercial buildings, the roofing problems they can cause are numerous.

These tips from professional roofers […]

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After The Storm – Inspecting For Storm Damage vs Other Causes

When dealing with storm damage repair to a roof or other parts of a building, the first step in the restoration process is a careful assessment of the damage.

Storm damage repair companies will work with insurance companies to determine what happened, how it happened, and what will be involved in repairing it, and sometimes that is not as […]

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