Storm damage tree fallen on house

Hurricanes are some of the worst weather events for causing home damage, second only to tornadoes.

When an actual hurricane has passed, you could be in need of storm damage emergency repairs to your home.

How will you know if you need storm damage restoration services?

Start out by doing a preliminary storm damage inspection and then call a professional restoration roofer who can help.

Looking For Obvious Hurricane Damage

When the rains have stopped and the sun comes out again, it is time to start a storm damage inspection to see if your roof needs attention.

Look first for the most obvious signs that a call to a storm damage restoration service is needed.

These include things like bent, broken, or missing shingles, tiles, or metal panels, damaged or non-working gutters, fallen tree branches on or through the roof, other debris on the roof, and anything else that seems damaged.

Take a note of these things and mention them to the roofing service that you call afterward.

The presence of obvious and more serious damage means you should make a call right away to prevent further damage from happening.

Know Where To Find Less Obvious Storm Damage

The obvious problems are not all that need attention when assessing problems that require storm damage emergency repairs to your home.

It is important for you or a contractor to look for the less obvious problems that can turn into roofing nightmares later on.

Check for missing flashing in valleys and around protrusions, peeling seals around roof vent pipes, shingle granules in the gutters, and then head inside.

In the attic, signs that you need storm damage restoration services include any wetness, water stains, or other indication of moisture under the decking, on the rafters, or elsewhere.

Water stains on the ceiling or walls after the storm passes and things start to dry out likely mean the same thing.

Have A Professional Storm Damage Inspection Performed

There is some damage that, even when doing a very careful personal inspection, will need a trained eye to locate, so do still have a professional storm damage inspection performed, too.

One of the main issues that homeowners experience after hurricanes is loosened shingles that are no longer watertight.

A difficult problem to diagnose, this could lead to serious leaking and roof decomposition in the future.

Rather than chance it, it is better to have a professional storm damage repair service check things over to make sure all shingles are still properly affixed and watertight.

The Best Defense Against Storm Damage Is Prompt Action

Hurricanes are not ordinary storms. With winds that exceed what many roofs can endure, it is important that your roof receives a storm damage inspection afterward to ensure it is still sound and undamaged.

Even when there are no obvious problems that demand emergency repairs, it is the hidden damage that can end up being more destructive over time.

Let an experienced storm damage restoration service give your roof a thorough once-over to find the issues that need correcting and will then take care of those essential repairs right away!

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