Tree fallen on roof of home

The storm has passed and a tree in your yard has fallen over, landing on your roof. Now, what do you do?

It is important to stay calm and handle this in the most productive way possible.

These tips, including calling the right roof damage restoration service, will ensure that everyone stays safe and that you can minimize any further damage.

While this type of serious damage does need attention from a roof damage service that specializes in restoration, there are other things you should do first.

A roof damage inspection and repairs can happen safely once a few other details are handled first.

1. Get Everyone Out Of The House

Before doing anything else, including calling a roof restoration service, get all people and pets out of the house as a tree crashing through a part of the roof is certainly a serious event.

There is no telling how unstable the house may be until it has undergone a roof damage inspection that can assess the extent of the damage; do not try to inspect it yourself or make any repairs at this time.

What is most important is everyone’s safety.

2. Call 911 And Utility Services

After everyone is safe, call 911 to report what has happened and seek emergency assistance if that is needed.

After confirming that you have gotten everyone out of the house, they will then send either police or fire rescue to view the damage and then provide additional instructions.

Do not worry about getting a roof damage clean up service out yet, as there are more important things to take care of first.

Either you or emergency services may need to connect with the utility company to have them turn off power to the house should the fire rescue team find it necessary for safety reasons and so that repairs can be safely made.

3. Inform Your Insurance Company

While waiting for emergency services to come and assist, this is a good time to phone your insurance agent and inform them of what has happened.

The insurance company will get any required information about what happened, then usually say that a claims adjuster will be back in contact within the next day or two.

In consultation with your insurance company, a roof damage restoration service will need to be contacted to have the necessary repairs made.

Take some photos of the damage in case someone needs them while waiting for the claim to be handled.

4. Contact A Tree Removal Service

After all important parties have been notified of the fallen tree, this is the time to reach out to a local tree removal service.

Arrange a time for them to come cut up the tree and remove it from your property so a roof inspection can be done and the full scope of the damage assessed.

5. Call and Plan With A Roofing Restoration Contractor

Once you have spoken with your insurance company and arranged for the tree to be removed, now is the time to reach out to a roof damage service.

Explain what has happened and already been done and they will send someone to assess the damage and establish a plan about how and when the roof can be repaired.

Should the home be unlivable until then, make other living arrangements in the meantime, then secure the home as is possible until the repairs can be made.

If your homeowner’s insurance covers accommodations while your home is being repaired for a covered loss, contact them again to make these arrangements.

A Roof Damage Restoration Service Can Help

There is a huge difference between a few shingles blowing off a roof or sustaining hail damage and what can happen when an entire tree falls on your roof.

For this reason, it is imperative that to call the right roof damage restoration service to make those repairs.

Before doing so, take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe and prepare for a thorough roof damage inspection.

Then choose a local roof damage repair service that specializes in this type of work so they can get your house back into the shape it was before a tree fell on it!

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